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sam Sport

samĀ® Sport is the only FDA cleared wearable-active ultrasound for multi-hour treatment to accelerate healing and reduce pain for musculoskeletal injuries.

Clinically proven to increase Collagen Laydown, Oxygenated Hemoglobin in Muscles, accelerated Angiogenesis effect (Capillary Development) and increased blood-flow.

Typical injuries treated with samĀ® Sport include:

  • Chronic Tendinitis: Elbow, Bicep, Shoulder Plantar Fasciitis
  • Back Pain/Spasms: Lower Back & Sciatic Hip Abductor Muscle Injuries
  • Knee: Meniscus Tear, OA & Hyperextension Groin Pull or Strain
  • Ankle Injuries: Sprain or Frayed Achilles Post-Op Hip Labrum Tear Recovery
  • Rotator Cuff: Injuries & Post-Op Recovery Knee: MCL Sprain or Tear
  • Hamstring Strain and Tears Carpal Tunnel Syndrome