The following is a quick review of sam® Sport patient instructions and the sam® Safe mode. Follow the instructions below and be aware of the Do's and Don'ts of the use of this product. 

Turn On

Turn the unit ON by placing the controller in the 'UNLOCK' position. Set the treatment time to 'HOURS' (1-4).

Applying the Coupling Patches

To apply applicators, refer to the Quick Start Instruction video provided. 

If You Only Need One Applicator

If the injury only requires one applicator, instruct the patient how to switch from two applicators to one applicator with the tutorial video provided.


Review the Operational Manual for safe operation and use. If you have any problems, unusual swelling, skin discoloration or discomfort, immediately discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional. 

Additional Ultrasound Gel

The unit comes with a tube of ultrasound gel, make sure there is sufficient Ultrasound Gel in the Coupling Patches before applying to the injury site. 

sam® Safe Mode

sam® Safe Mode is in use when the applicator light turns from 'BLUE' to 'RED'. This is a safety feature that monitors the temperature of the applicator. If the temperature becomes elevated, the applicator light will turn from 'BLU' to 'RED' and will vibrate for 1 second. 

NOTE: Do not turn the controller 'OFF'. The applicator will automatically cool down in 3-5 minutes and then turn back to 'BLUE'.

If you turn the controller 'OFF' during the sam® Safe 'RED' mode; it will mess up the calibration of the internal electronics. If this occurs, you will need to reset the system.

Reset the System

Plug in the charger to the controller and recharge the unit overnight. This will RESET the internal electronics.